Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

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Life of a virgin boy

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I. Usman

Wonder in the wilderness men call life,
Seem in haste as to what life have in stock,
Going to and fro in the mist of raven damsel,
Lost my balance in purge of profit to behold.

My heart heavy in the garden of sweetness,
Can’t do away with as they hold the key to Joyous heart,
The solitude it brings is one more than million,
Set me to it for I know nothing of such tenderness.

My routine is that of clumsy scenario,
Hanging to my poor self to shun the act of fantasy,
Knowing the hidden beneath serve my wit,
Not knowing is like a plague.

My emotion is so fragile to hold unto it,
Yarning all my body to lost in the pleasure of her warmth,
Doubt it not for the pleasure it brings is first to none,
Many lost his soul just for the solitude.

The thinking of it is enough to deflower every pleasurable parts,
What story shall I render unto thee,
Engulf my being to touch the sensation,
Rest my case as I embark in the battle.

The battle I fought only in this wilderness,
Keep overpowering my mind to set forth the act,
Resort to give pleasure in my handful ways,
Being the virgin is of great cause to behold.

Let it go of the world portray it to be,
Win the battle mighty men failed to conquer,
True definition of what gives satisfaction,
As I sojourn to my spiritual world.

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