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Knots of the Black Race.

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Knots of the Black Race.
*I. Usman
Looking way forward begat the hidden nature,
Ravish is the nature of our mother,
Many more kissing the balany stones,
Come the moment to behold the beauty therein.

The forgetful nature calls to play us like a hand maker,
Rest the mind palace of many Valor of war,
Little or no salt to make dance tone yummy,
The echoes still young to taunt the mind.

Within the poignant feelings erupted
Like a flamingoes of fires,
Ready to devour the prey in contact with,
Settle center to chewing the most keen interest.

The bane seem long not forgotten as due millennium,
Our course is with us as part away not from it till long,
Find your course for many lost in the world,
Not able to fight the course of human nature.

The palace of mind weak to the bone marrow,
Accentuate the thought of many but few deem to light,
The wicked of it seen what to do and choose not to do,
In the wilderness men call life.

The peak overlords Inject the knots of course,
Vital to functioning as tongue does to merry making,
Can’t withstand the nature and glue to belief,
Rule as if permanent is for the nature.
The settlement pang it claws for demarcation,
Unit not for the real is anti to what seem proclaimed,
Soak to inflicting pains to gain comfort,
With there people’s wealth price to sell their conscience.

The inherit evil wash away not just like a mere wish,
Handful of hands need conjoin for the fight,
Not by might but by will to lay to rest the burning flames.

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