Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

World Best, All In One Spot


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I. Usman
Longing to what life have to offers is pellucid,
Full of honey in a glaring threshold,
Come the moment of letting its go like a flash of mince,
Fulfil it is as the tore of life takes new pace.

The being is at its best when comply with nation’s call,
Not a moment pass without the hidden truth seem dull,
Need not to be weary for it’s strong to be ignore,
Attacking the human in a spacious form.

Give in not to that act as its consume whole,
Perpetrate the veins to succulents breast to succor,
Vicious circle revolve like a tick clock,
Tangling excessively on not ending motions’ call.

Loosing oneself in the hand of cold glimpse,
Sketch the living out of pure heart thought,
From the scratch shall the lost find the tenth fold,
Ambiance rounding like never ending note.

Be contended to find succor in it favour,
Digging the hole of two shall it embarks in the quest,
Many turn deaf ear to it soundness,
Swallow the sink and the sinker in a swift.

Pay off not as to what shall it profit me?
Soak the heart of thousands soul,
Yet! See as festive to behold,
Know the hidden for the world to be save.

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