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Yannick and the bat bad blood episode 1

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Yannick and the bad bat blood


In Kuwait a country in Western Asia Situated in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia at the tip of the Persian Gulf,a small town name Dark exist in the woodlands of Al Jahrah,i know not much about this town as we only arrived the town at night about eleven years ago, at the time i was just ten years of age my father Jakob escaped with my mother Nouf and i from the pesistent haunt of vampire hunters in Austria, after narrowly escaping persecution couple of times,the last attack i can vividly recall we escaped by the whiskers,my father Jakob a lab scientist and native of Austria had to flee from the town with us to my mom’s native homeland Kuwait, ever since we’ve been living underground for 11 years, i got all my education underground both formal and informal eduction.

I didn’t know i was special,neither did i know i was antisunlight untill the day i nearly melt away,it was on summer day in school i had just recently turn ten and though i constantly had strange nightmares but there were nothing like my experience with the raging sunlight, after school i had to walk a few yards across to the car park where my mom parked her car but before i could walk halfway i was burning up and i got so thirsty with my throat locking so thight amidst the dryness, it was so serious i was burning up that the flames were visible, yes i drew alot of attentions that the few kids that saw me had to scream and run away in fright,i had no option but to run as I was personally not knowing what was happening to me,mom rush me home in a haste as i was almost dying in pains cause the burning heat left maps of sores on my exposed skin,we got home and mom gave me a usual shot from my daily serum prescription, dad had all times instructed me i have to take the serum shot everyday, and though he had forseen that soon i would no more be able to walk about freely in sunlight,
what am i would constantly ask myself, neither my mom or dad had a name for my strange ailment, not until the day after my open incident with sunlight,rumors had spread the entire school that i was a vampire, but mom and dad stood their grounds with my father tirelessly looking for antidote combinations to whatever disease it was, has he claimed i was sick and will be fine ones he figured out the right combination,truth is after each shot of the serum i felt really great inside, and the shocking moments of it all was when my skin magically healed after i took the shot on the day of the burns.

untili decided to try out an experiment on myself, before taking the shot i will intentionally cut myself, but it will magically heal and fade, I had the ability to regenerate, my dad broke the camel back when he told me I can no more attain school that it was not safe out there for me anylonger, vampire hunters started hunting me, mom and dad had to quit their jobs as we went into exile hiding away from the rest of the city inhabitant.

One faithful day mom and i visited the park and I was caught up with the games away from mom, two men and a woman in black suit approached me and before I could run away they had already reach me and the first man dipped his hand underneath the upper habiliment of his suit and I thought as I froze to the spot that when his hand appeared that he will be pointing a gun and ready to pull the trigger if i made a move, but his hands rather appeared with a small in size container and he sprayed the liquid content into my face all i smelled at the moment was garlic,mom and dad for years kept garlic away from me i was never allowed to get close or touch garlic, and immediately my vision blurred everything was in a whirl, everywhere on my skin the liguid touched smoked and my skin started shading off almost immediately,i ran away blindly as fast as my legs could carry and surprisingly i observed my reflexes was abnormal i leaped all the obstacles on my way at ease and just in a flash i out run them and was out of sight.

I got to our hidout after dusk and mom was already home,she was worry sick of me and my return was a relief,
something incredible and unbelievable happened while i got away from the hunters my skin was shading off and my senses became pretty sharp as well as my reflexes and i was able to leap so high and when i got into the woodlands away from everything, i knew that the only thing that could save me from my skin completely shading off was taking a shot of my serum prescription, while wandering the the thick woods i observed a rare breed of bush dog growling and barking at me as i approached it, I am sure the animal was ready to attack but before i could control my senses the hunter became the hunted, I chased the dog has it run away i leaped faster than it did and before i knew it my ten years old hands which i was using both legs and hands in my run grabbed the running animal, and even though the animal struggled to get away, my grip was stronger than i knew myself, my bare hands tore deep into the animal’s underbelly and it gush, I sank my teeth which i observed had grown in a sprout out of my mouth and just an inch down my lower lips it was more like a fang my eyes were burning hot and my shading skin became cadaverously white,i grabbed the animal powerfully by the neck, my buried fangs stayed on its neck until i had my fill of the blood sucking, until i observed the animal was completely drained,i threw away its carcass, my strength was renewed as well as my damaged skin, my senses returned and i ran home fully away now what i was.

After the incident my appetite and thirst for blood became so larged that even my parents knew it was getting out of hands,my serum prescriptions was no more in shot but drip bags,i was no more allowed to go out in daylight as my first thirst of blood changed me entirely,i only was allowed out at dusk under the watching eyes of my mom, untill one day our hideout was blown,I was tracked down by the hunters,but fortunately my dad Jakob had everything all planned and under control, we flew out of Austrian capital Vienna on the night of the attack.

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