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October 31, 2020


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Weakened by love episode 1

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Weakened By Love
Genre: Romance
Written By Maeryam (BM)
Chapter 1
Her past
Author’s POV
One peaceful night, some masked men entered silently into the Rodriguez compound. Mr and Mrs Rodriguez were having dinner with their five year old daughter Andrea.
Mr and Mrs Rodriguez heard footsteps outside and they quickly hid little Andrea under the table.
“Don’t cry okay baby? Just keep shut and don’t go anywhere okay?” Mrs Rodriguez told the confused little Andrea.
“Mummy and daddy loves you okay? In case anything happens, run to Mr Carlos’ house okay? You know the way. Run fast and don’t stop till you reach there. We love you so much Andrea” Mr Rodriguez kissing his daughter’s forehead. They kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly several times before going away.
They met the men already in the living room.
“We warned you several times Rodriguez but you’re too stubborn” one of the asked men said.
“They’ll pay the price today, pass me the kerosene” another one said. One of them roughly grabbed Mrs Rodriguez.
“Don’t touch my wife, please spare her. She’s got nothing to do in this” Mr Rodriguez pleaded with them.
“Shut up idiot!”
They caught them and tied them up with a strong rope. They dragged them outside their little compound pointing guns, spears, knives, and all sorts of weapons at them.
Little Andrea was too curious and confused. She only heard noises and refused to step out of her hiding place as her parents told her.
She cried and cried silently not having the slightest idea on what was going on.
The masked men poured petrol all over Mr and Mrs Rodriguez. Then one of them lit matches and threw it on them. Their bodies caught fire. Their wails and cries and shouts was all that could be heard that quiet night. No one in the neighbourhood dared to save them because they’ll end up losing their own lives to the masked men. They burnt to death.
Andrea didn’t hear cries anymore. All she heard was silence. It seemed like the masked men were gone. She carefully stepped out of her hiding place and peeped through the little window. Then she saw two bodies, burning in fire, her parents.
She cried silently and watched. The masked men weren’t even gone. They were waiting to make sure that they were completely burnt and dead before they leave.
One of the masked men sensed movements around the window. He moved near the window and peeped through it.
Andrea saw a masked face pop up on the window right in front of her. She froze on her spot out of fear. She didn’t move an inch nor cried.
She maintained eye contact with the masked man. She saw him and he saw her, eye to eyes, face to face. He had a dragon tattoo on his forehead where the mask didn’t cover.
Then he simply walked away together with the others after the bodies had burnt completely.
Andrea ran out of the house in panic, fear, confusion and cries. She ran through the several streets down to Mr Carlos’ house in the dark, quiet and scary night. She stopped at the porch of his house and banged hard on the door. Almost immediately, Carlos opened the door and scooped her up in his arms.
“Oh Andrea!” He cried and entered into the house with her. He was crying also. Everyone knew….


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