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October 31, 2020

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Treacherous Wife Episode 1

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🤱Treacherous Wife🤱
[Deadly venom]

Author Randy


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“Good Morning Love”, Elna my wife greeted as she peeked me.

I slowy opened my eyes to meet her fully dressed.

” Morning Love”,I greeted as I sat up.

Elna never seizes amazement me.How was she able to wake up early after last night affair.


I came back from work and meet her in the kitchen with her transparent night gown.

I stood there looking as her buttocks bounced at every move.

I don’t deserve her. She was a big high above my class.

I remembered our first meeting. I vividly remembered how humble she was then in the company.

I was her superior then. She was a little innocent girl trying to survive.

“Hey, you didn’t alert me that you are back. How long have you been standing there?”, she asked interrupting my thoughts.

” Not long ago”,I answered with my eyes still glued at her standing bre*ast.

“I prepared dinner “, she said as she pecked me before taking off my jacket.

” Am not hungry of food.I need you”,I whispered into her ears as I drew her back into my chest.

My hand trailed down to her hips as I held her buttocks.

“We are in the kitchen Mr Ben”, she said sedutively as her fingers trailed up to my lips.

She patted my lips with her finger before kissing me.

” You don’t want to burn down the house do you?. Let’s go to the room”, Her warm breath sent a sexual signal to my body.

“Am taking you here today Mrs Ben”, I whispered as my tongue brushed her ear lobe.

She let out a faint moan as my hands found its way into her gown as i grabbed ed buttocks tighter.

I kissed every part of her body my lips could touch, raging from her lips, nose, neck and her soft spot, the ear.

I reached for her panties as my hand brushed against her vag*ine and she shivered kissing me violently.

She was already wet all through.

I carried her without breaking the kiss as i lead her on the Kitchen table.

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She unbuttoned my shirt as her seductive fingers traced my abbs.Her fingers continued to trail down until she held my hard second man.

Gently i pulled of her pant.She moaned as my finger went into her.

She bit her lips as she unhooked my belt.Her hands pulled out my second man from my pants as i pulled off her gown.

Her bre*st standing firm with her pinkish ni*ples was the greatest temptation.

With her stalk naked and i only on my pants, we kissed passionately for some minutes.

Still seated on the kitchen table , we made love ,accompanied with the two rounds we had in the room.


And after those energy taking exercise , here was my beautiful wife fully dressed while i was drained of every strength i had.

” I made breakfast .And remember to take your drugs “, she said as she knelt on the bed and kissed my lips.

” Sure ma’ma. I will call to check on you”, i announced as she left closed the door.

I sluggishly stood up and made for the kitchen.

I drank my drugs before settling down for my scrambled eggs and milk.

Since i was little, i had a low immune system. So i always take drugs so as to boost my immune for the day against diseases.

I did the dish after eating and dragged my self to the bathroom.

Don’t forget i told you am weak. Elma drained my strength last night.

I pulled off my pants as i stepped under the shower.

I let the water fall on my body for several minutes before applying the soap on my body.

I kept the liquid soap on the sink and my eyes met something inside the toilet.

I and Elna don’t use protection, how then is there a used condom inside the WC.
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