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October 30, 2020


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Daniella episode 1

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👭(Silly Twin)👭

“Morning family” I yelled out loud standing in the passage that leads to everyone’s room, and by everyone, I meant my parents, and my two brothers Dave and Dan, I’m Daniella, just call me Ella, I hate formalities

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“Arrgghhh ellaaa why why why do you have to interrupt my darling sleep every morning with your stupid childish acts uh!”
Dave yelled angrily peeping through his door with an angry stare directed at me

I smirked at him and was about to snap a reply when i sighted Dan dragging his feets outta his room and holy shit!, baggy eyes, rough and scattered hair, shirtless and gadd, his face was scrunched up in total disgust like he’s gonna kill me if he had the liberty to, which further heightened my laughter, I sat on the well tiled floor and laughed out my lungs for 15 minutes straight, he looked horrible, like a walking dead… Scratch that, I’ll be the next walking dead if he meets me there, I wiped the tears on my cheek, as a result of my non-stop laughter, got off the floor noticed everyone staring at me as if I just got resurrected or something,
“mum, dad morning to you two”
I greeted as I walked past my brothers to my room, I stepped into the room and closed the door with a loud bang, I turned away and was about to was about moving way from the door when I heard a louder bang, I smirked and hummed ‘you want it, you’ll gerrit’

I opened my door and jammed it even louder and for a moment, I thought I felt the building shake.

I removed my pyjama and wrapped one of my many black towels around me. Hardly was I done with that when I heard mum and dad screammmm

“Daniellaaaaa..”, I palmed my face and screamed in response “he started it mum”
I heard their footsteps retreating, and I needed no soothsayer to tell me Dan’s in trouble this morning, I smirked satisfactorily and headed into the en suite to do the do ‘winks’

25 minutes later, I was all dressed up and drying my hair, FYI I’m a black goddess, always on black, flashy colours are ewww!, they make me wanna puke, so today, I’m on black crop top and a high-waisted black trousers, black lipstick and sneakers, you can as well guess the colour. I brushed my long brown hair, (now dyed black though) over my shoulders till they were smooth to my satisfaction, I picked up my bag pack and moved downstairs heading towards the dining table where every other person (well, except mum) were all seated.

I pulled my usual chair situated beside Dan’s just to terrorize him. Making him annoyed brings joy to my face.
I dug my hands into his food, not minding the irritating look on every of their faces, I mean who cares
Dan simply stood, picked up his phone and bag pack and strolled out of the house, not sparing me a glance and I smiled inwardly coz I know he must be boiling, Mission accomplished haha..

I smiled at dad and pecked mum and Dave as I cleaned my fingers with a napkin, waving good bye as I headed to Dan’s bike outside, I saw him seated already and I smirked

“leaving without me??” he stared at me and replied

“if you really want to go with me, get on this bike in the next 2 minutes or you’ll have to take public transport”

He really seems angry and I’m so excited, I squealed happily jumping on the bike shaking him off balance, he handed me the helmet and didn’t even wait for me to put it on properly before zooming off

So annoying a brother 🤦🏼‍♀..


So how is the starting if it’s interesting please comment in comment box below


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