Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

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Oh death why!!!
In dark room I sat locked alone.
Gravity acts strongly on my check.
I ought I was dreaming.

Watching depression covered the world.
My friend was snatched in cold blood.
Slowly happiness fade away.
Heard your death was the last,

Straw that broke the Carmel back.
I tried to speak I realised I was moaning.
Wanted to shout but tears filled my gaps.
Fingers raked my hair in frustration.

I felt cold Shriver’s down my spine .
It left my heart shattered,
And my wall balanced.
I felt a lump in my throat and tried,

To fight back my tears,
Tears gushed like a river of Niger.
I couldn’t get my mind to shut down,
It boot like a lively computer.

I believe you had a great future ,
But it becomes dimmer.
All the time I close my eye’s.
It seems you are alive.

It leaves me to see you and say goodbye,
Like a vocalist singing along a piano,
I hear birds huming sorrowful song,
That leaves me in tears and horror.

My eyes were brilliant black and glassy,
But broken walls around me was shattered.
I look at the stars but even if they,
Can give me one thing to bring you back.

Oh death why!!!

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