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His Virgin Acquisition Episode 1

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Episode 1

There was one thing that Aryann Tyler depised most.
Especially when Nicole Carson was the organizer. she stood in front of her house staring at everyone in disbelief. some young boys and girls were dancing outside, the girls half nude.
She sighed and walked into the living room,it was a total mess,some were dancing and some were making out,her eyes darted to a couch,there she saw a guy taking a girl from behind,he was slamming into her relentlessly and she seem to be enjoying it. Doesn’t it hurt?
“Hey prude!”A guy called, she recognized him to be one of Nicole’s friends cause that was their nickname for her.
Aryann hurried up the stairs and rushed into her bedroom, shutting the door.
Taking a deep breath,she sat on her bed,her mom, Susan Carson and her husband Edward Carson weren’t spending the night at home, Susan had always reprimanded Nicole against throwing parties but Nicole wouldn’t listen.
She brought out one of her novels,” Pride and prejudice”
Great idea!This would surely make the night end quickly.
The volume of the music downstairs increased and it was as if the house was going to fall down .She stared at the first page of the novel, nothing was making any sense.
“Damn it!”she exclaimed and stormed out of her bedroom,she walked up to Nicole’s bedroom and knocked,she knocked again and again but no one answered,she held the doorknob and realized that the door wasn’t locked,she bent it and walked into the room.
“Nicole,the par…….”Her words were cut off on seeing her underneath a boy, writhing, sweating and begging. She was shocked at he sight in front of her. She knew Nicole’s boyfriend but the guy atop her wasn’t Jason .Just how many boyfriends did this bitch has?
“Aryann, what the fuck do you want? Nicole asked, angrily.
“I just think this party need to come to an end,Mom won’t be pleased by this and I can’t sleep”. Aryann replied calmly,she felt pissed that the guy was still digging in and out of Nicole despite the fact that she was standing there.
“I’m not gonna end this party because of you.If you ain’t cool with it,go fuck yourself or something!”Nicole screamed and continued moaning.
Aryann slowly left the room. what was she thinking? Nicole had never listened to her, she had never listened to anybody.
Aryann sat on her bed and brought out her cellphone, she stared at the amount on her savings account and smiled. soon,she’d leave this house and would never have to put up with these disgusting parties and erotic scenes.

Author: Pamela.

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