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October 31, 2020


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24 hours in love (episode 1)

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I am Eliot Keronke,first and only son of Late chief Tower Keronke,
My late father was a millionaire and he died a millionaire,leaving me to succeed from him too much wealth for a young me at age 29,
Keronke group of company has a wide range of sub companies that has interests in telecommunications, agricultural production, real estate and a host of other investments done by the relatives wing of the company,
at age 25 I had graduated in time from havard and had bagged PhD in economics just in the right time before i lost my millionaire father to cancer, my return from the states welcome me to a dying father on the sick bed,he died a proud father, has he made me promise him, i will continue in his legacy.

11 years after, I was leaving my father’s dying wish, on my fortieth birthday Keronke group of companies had flown from the capital networth of $3.5 billion to $17.3 billion,having the biggest insurance company and banking sector in the region of Africa.

Had this time i know you would be wondering why i haven’t mentioned my mother, truth is i never knew her and my dad rarely talked about her, infact i can’t imagine what she really looks like.

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Glued to my favourite magazine as i flip through the pages,and taking a sip from my favorite tequila, I smiled as i stumbled on my own writing,my favoritism of this particular publication and my love for writing had drove me to anonymously buy a share in “Everyday reign”, my love for the rich magazine edition was not because it was the biggest in Nigeria or one of the best in africa but because it had the best journalist and Amateur writers doing their best.

I adjust my reading glasses as i flew my eyes off my own page,fixed now on a political journalistic rant, so analytic and stern, I look down if i will recognize the writer, has i had become very familiar with many of them,to my greatest avalanche
a female writer, with so much talent looking to know too much about politics, I tip my head back and chuckle, I had very little interest regarding politics,though i was very sure politically my country was found wanting,over the years i have done my bit to the civil society, having so many call that i should join the political government to better the state of affairs of my home country, but no I belong to the business society,i was a business mogul i didn’t want anything interfering with my business.

I was surprise I read her writing to the very last line, yet i couldn’t flip over, what’s that feeling, I want to know more about this writer, that’s the feeling, I direct my attention to my personal computer,distracted a bit by the blare from my alarm I had a meeting by 1:00pm, and my alarm confirmed i had 30minutes left, I ignored the alarm completely as i continue my focus on the keyboard,i searched her up on LinkedIn,here she is just 24 years of age yet so brilliant,i stumble on few of her works and the comment section, she was popular, the power of brain at age 24 drawing to her too many fans and attention, how come i never heard of her, startled i stumbled on a publication she wrote over a year ago about me,the praise she heaps on me, urging the political office holders to learn a thing or two from my legacy,i chuckle,i was really smiling now and i wanted her attention,i drop my magic and best poetic line as a direct message,with a further publication offer,i agree to withdraw my attention if she doesn’t reply in an hour, i was wrong, i first got an automated response, I glared and almost stood up to get prepared for my meeting as i make to hibernate my computer system, right there came the original response,we had a very interesting few lines of pleasantries I can tell she knows me very well,as soon as we started the conversation it look to have no end, she was too polite, right on the edge of every topic raised,my alarm blared again it was time for my meeting, confused i begged her for a pardon of few seconds and just in a tap send across message for the reschedule of the meeting,did i really do that, the affairs of my companies as so far been my top priority for the past few years and just in a few minute i neglect my company affairs over a social chat with a girl,i recognize the feeling, I was liking this girl or was it love, quite too fast,we spend the entire early hours of the afternoon chatting and agree to meet over a dinner to discuss the
Publication offer,
4:00pm on the the exact as agreed I walk into one of my luxury 5 star suites, well dress in my $60,000 dollars kiton k-50 suit, I felt confident as I walk through the giant corridor i sense my clive christian perfume waft through the entire long corridor as I head for the elevator,
I got off the elevator as I look around at the dim lighted corridor admiring my assets i nodded with satisfaction at how good the management has been so far, just exactly the way i left the place on my last visit couple of months back, i walk across to my father’s portrait at the edge of the far wall of the corridor which had a smear of blue ray of light on it,i mutter a few words of assured promise and took a few step backwards,
I could barely see through the thick thin class of the VIP room as the light rays inside create an outside mirage, i move close to the doorway I was sure to see her there as I had called in earlier to clear her invitation permit,she was definitely there the fragrance of her I am sure cause a surging pound of my heartbeat,this feeling i thought, is familiar, I was really nervous, nervous to face a 24 years old girl at 40,i charged the best of my composure and walk inside the room, there she was Miss Dawn Soyinka,all glittering in a lovely short dinner gown, she was average height, well formed and modelingly figured out, the light rays reflected on her tan skin and she glowed, infact I wanted to kiss her right away,she smiled as we exchange customarily embrace,her dentition as i notice was a die for, infact she was a little bit too beautiful.

this was my own reserve spot in the suite we had no company,I ordered for a two glass of Krug Clos d’Ambonnay,after I observed she had ordered for nothing, we sip while having a few casual conversation, I ask to know a bit about her which she seem not to hold anything back,I was satisfied,infact i felt we both felt the connection and hence the spark, she return every of my stare with a passionate stare that send shivers down my spine,at 24 I thought she was too polite for her age, soon our others came, we had a cool meal of Lobster Frittata, which we spend time eating almost in silence and stealing glances, after the meal we discuss business which i about now was not much interested in but rather in her,
Few minutes later we walk out the room,I could read the spark in her eyes a sense of gratitude which she express them orally, I didn’t care now all I wanted was a kiss,we held hands, confuse now on what next to do i walk her close to my father’s portrait and did a kind of silly introduction which made her laugh, charming me agian with that beautiful dentition, we both halt and the deep stare was too much to contain the aura, our bubble busted and i held her close, sliding my hands down her curvy back, our nose touching we got into a deep kiss, our lips so stuck into each others mouth,her yearns meet mine, as i caress her butt,she moan and lean steadily forward, demanding for more, I raise her legs and my hands flew beneath her gown touching her flesh as she return the passion with a tight kiss, having her tongue deep inside my mouth,her hands flew down as she clutch my crotch,fondling in rhyme to my fingers inside of her, our yearns meet and we broke off, i was first to apologize and she return the apology with an approval,yes we fell in love and felt inlove.

We left the suite at the early hours of the evening,I couldn’t drop her off cause she came in her car, so we parted.

The entire night we had it spent together chatting on the social site confessing our so sudden love, amidst series of voice calls and phone sex, infact we couldn’t wait to meet the following day.

We slept very late and promise to meet the next day she promise to visit my home.

The following day i got off bed very late,with the memory of the previous day all so visible i felt the happiness surging through my entire being,i chuckle , quite the effect of love i took my cellphone check the time and it was a bit half past 10:00am, it was a Saturday morning and i had very little schedule, my Saturday morning routine consisted of hitting the gym, playing golf and very light reading, I dialed Dawns number and it rang to halt, I repeated the dial and it rang again and went into a voicemail, i drop a call me back message and get off bed to shower, took my morning milk shakes and I went off to the gym, I couldn’t really concentrate as i waited in vain for a return of my call from Dawn, I grew restless and went back home,
About 1:00pm i open my social site and she had drop me a direct message,
“Dear Muse the past 24 hours with you was too much to ask for,its been too long I felt that kind of connection, I still do and i love you, but its unfair but i am so sorry i cannot continue with this”
My heart nearly failed,I felt the coldness of my room for the first time in eleven years,i couldn’t reply and merely close my computer and crawled back to bed, was i really weeping, yes i was.

To be continued….
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