Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

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Reasoning With Reasons

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I was born into imagination that Jesus Christ died for our sins
But apart from sin, what else did he die for?
Why would an innocent man she’d his life dripping on a wooden shaped tree just for three letter words?
Still, the once he died for deny his existence and keep having romance with SIN

The first day I came, they called it world
Said it’s circular and I was forced to believe it has four pillars
Never a day have I hit my head on one or heard of someone’s arm broken on it
Must everything be invisible but believed in?

My first lie in life ended me in a cage
My skin was designed Gucci by my home decorators
After that event, I was told never to tell lies
But can someone tell me why my decorator became a decoder
Lying in front of a truthful girl

I walked passed some group of Shes and all they looked reminded me of my foremother
I thought she once had animal skin on her, then why on Earth does these set have noodles on them?
Is it now a commandment to wear noodles?

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