Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

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Letter To Sucy (My Twinnie)

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Letter to Sucy(My Twinnie)

Dear Twinnie
I heard you’re now dead
Why try killing me by using our senior brother
For Christ sake,I came out first
This isn’t the YOU I stopped hearing about decades ago
Why incarnate into Uncle Depression?
Now I heard you’ve discovered a new sperm,Snipers
Why wanting Uncle Depression rape me and release sniper into me?
I’ve got some foundations to lay
But why do you want others to lay mine with just 6 feets?
I’m so sorry twinnie,I need to kill you before you think of my obituary
As for Uncle Depression,soonest you’ll hear of him in the burning volcano
That’s how I’ll stop the bad discovery from spreading.

Yours sincerely
Courage, Determined

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