Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

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I care less about my nest
My worries don’t need you
Our actions shouldn’t be considered
Who I seduce is my lifestyle

My sweet self is a reincarnation
Satan’s laugh is my thunder
Mere seeing you I wonder
Who’ll save you or who’ll kill you

My quiteness is a loud speaker
My social life is human made
My callings to you is my way
My piano I play to my taste

Who I drip for is no one’s thought
Who I play for is none of your mindset
Who I gist with is your gossip
Who I call my sweet names is your hatred

I don’t look exactly like my gender
I just carry much more than your xender
I straff both sex because my world knows us both
No worries of 9months,iv got oily rubber bands.


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