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Dragon Princess Chapter 5

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Dragon princess
Written by TOM
Chapter five

I closed the door 🚪. What’s he doing here?
“Why aren’t you opening the door?” Mom asked.
” It was nothing. Just the milk deliveries”.
“I never order any milk”.
” I….. I did”.
“Thank God. Just give me the milk. I wanna make some chocolate pudding”. The door bell rang again.
” I….”.
“Open the door Kelly”.
” Sure”. I opened it. This time, he was with his mom. “Nice to meet you ma’am. Come in”.
” Sure”. Harrell and his mom came in.
“Lydia”. Mom hug his mom.
” I’m so sorry I’m late. I went to get some things from the mall”.
“You don’t have to. Come and help me out”.
” I would love to”. She left. Now Harrell and I were starring at each other.
“Where’s the milk Kelly!” Mom shouted.
“I…. Just in a seconds”.
” Are you going out?” It was Harrell mom’s.
“Yes. To get some milk”.
” Harrell follow her”.
“What?” I was confused.
“It might be too dangerous for you to go out alone. There are drunkards and thugs everywhere”.
” I….. Sure thanks”. I left.

“What a coincidence”. He broke the silent. I couldn’t talk. ” You’ve a nice mom”.
“Er…. Thanks”.
” You didn’t told her right?”
“I think it will be better for us not to talk”.
” Why?”
“Because……. I’m allergic to noise”. He burst out into a laugh. ” What’s so funny?”
“You aren’t a good liar. Maybe that’s why you didn’t tell her”.
” It’s my decision to tell her or not. So don’t interfere with my life”.
“I never did that. It was just a question”.
” Then don’t ask me any question”. I frown and he laugh.
“I like you”. I think that word really struck my ear like a lightening. I could watch his mouth move. ” Hello. Are you hearing me?”
“What?” I was brought back to normal.
“What were you thinking?”
” You aren’t smart are you?”
“Some people says I’m not”.
” Well, they didn’t lie”.
“I think I’ve had enough time listen to your nonsense”. I entered the mall. Took a bottle of milk and paid for it.
” I___”
“Just shut up”. I cut him short and he smiled.
” I like you Kelly”. There my heart goes again. “You aren’t shy”.
” Why would I be?” I knew I was blushing cause I could feel it.
“So many girls are always shy around me. They are afraid to talk freely with me”.
” That’s because I’m not like them”.
“I guess you’re a bad liar afterall. You’re blushing Kelly”.
” What”. I covered my face. “Leave me”. I ran so fast.

We’d finished eating dinner.
” You’ve a good daughter”. Harrell mom said.
“Thanks”. Mom said. ” She has always been a good girl”.
“We’ll get going then”. They stood up.
” Sure. I’ll see you later Lydia”.
“Sure. Nice meeting your family”.
“My pleasure”. They left. ” Do the washing Kelly”
“Sure”. I frown.
” Mom look”. Julia shouted. “My teeth are growing back”.
” Awww. That’s so cute. Just don’t eat much chocolate 🍫 or you’ll make them fall off”. She nodded. “Now let’s go to bed”. They left.
” I guess that’s goodnight 🌃 “. Charlie got up. “Bye. See you in the morning 🌄”. He left.
“Aren’t you going to bed?” I said to Wayne while I start packing the dishes.
“Come”. He pull me to his room. ” I got you something”.
“What’s it?”
“It’s a surprise”
“I love surprises”. I smiled.
” Well, how about a knock”. He knock on my head so hard.
“Ouch….. Wayne”.
” Sorry”. He smiled. “I thought you said you love surprises”.
” If you’re here to joke with me, you got the bad time”. I left.

Nightmare. Bad one of course. I could see men fighting with swords killing eachother and horses neightening. Then a man with a face covered with mask got down from his horse. Looks like he wanted to kill someone. Then the slash of his sword ⚔ woke me up. I was sweating profusely. I switch on the light. It was the same nightmare I’ve been having since I was a kid. Then my eyes caught something. It was a guitar 🎸.
“Oh my”. I carried it. ” It’s beautiful “. There was a note hung to it. It says ‘for you little sis’. I smiled. I already knew it was from Wayne.

I was dressed for school. Belle told me my suspension was taken back. How luck I’m.
” What we having for breakfast mom?” I asked.
“Noodles 🍜. Julia asked for it”.
” Mom”
“I can’t help it”.
” Wayne and Charlie are gonna kill you”. I start making coffee ☕.
“I’ll get it into their head”.
“I’m not gonna eat noodles”. I opened the fridge and brought a COLA with hamburger 🍔. ” I’m gonna eat this and if Wayne woke up, tell him I said thanks”.
“Thanks for wh…..”. I was already out of the door.

Well, all the students gazes were still on me. It’s not like I was the real cultprit.
” It’s so good to see you”. Belle said hugging me.
“Me too. What has happened while I was away”.
” Well, there’s a rumour”.
“I’m not gonna hear that. I’m sick of stupid rumours”. I closed my locker.
” I got to get to class”.
“Hear me out Kelly. The rumour are true”.
” I’ll love to borrow your notes after class”.
“You aren’t listening. Are you?”
“No. I’ve spend much time listening to nonsense”.
” Then will you believe it if I told you it was Harrell who saved you”. I stopped and looked at Belle.
“You got to be kidding me”.
” It’s true. It’s all over the school”.
“Why would he do that for me?”
“Why would he do that for you?” She stared at me.
“Don’t get the wrong idea. I’ve to go”. I left.

It was lunch time. I was at the cafeteria eating lunch with Belle. Then Harrell stepped in. As usual, there were noise everywhere, girls giggling, some were even taking pictures of him.
” Isn’t he so cute today”. I looked at Belle. It seems she was drunk in his beauty.
“You better come back to your sense”. I dipped into my food and start eating.
” Hey”. I’ve knew that voice for long and it was no other person than Harrell. I looked up at him. He was smiling. Suddenly, my heart start to flutter.
“You came”.
” Kelly”. Belle shooked me back to reality.
“Oh. Hi”.
” Well, we’ll talk later”. He left.
“What was that about?” Belle stared at me.
“I’ve no idea”. I blink.
” Oh my God. Kelly, he just talked to you. He even said you’ll talk later”.
“Just shut up and let’s eat”. I smiled.
” Wow. I’m jealous”.

I was in my room. Thinking about Harrell of course. I looked into the mirror. I was pretty but not to the extent of other girls. Malyvn high school got a lot of pretty, cute and sexy chicks but I wasn’t one of them.
“I don’t care”.
” Of course you don’t”. Someone spoke. I wasn’t alone. There’s an intruder in my room. I could hear my heartbeat. I was getting scared. I took the fruit knife 🔪 for defense.
“Who’re you?” There was no answer. “I know you’re here somewhere”. Suddenly, I turned back.
” Boo”. I shrieked and fell. “Oh my. I didn’t mean to scared you your highness”. He pulled me up. “You’re prettier than I expected”.

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