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Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

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Complicated Love Episode 1

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©[Destiny Godfrey].
£pisode 1.

The noise was too much outside that Nikos couldn’t take it any longer. He drew his sword and was about heading out when his mum (The queen) stopped him.

“Don’t go out” she whimpered as line of tears drew down her cheeks.

“Let me be mum, those people outside are making a hell of noise. They ought to be killed.” He yelled.

“Don’t blame them my son, they are just so angry, like who wouldn’t be angry, you’ve killed twenty-seven maidens within six month, so they are just trying to show their anger.” The queen explained to her son, hoping he’ll calm down a bit.

Little did she know that she has worsen the case.
Prince Nikos boiled in rage.

“I killed No one mum.” He said in a low painful voice while he fought the urge not to cry.

“I know my son, you killed No one but…”

“No buts…I haven’t killed anyone and am never going to kill.” He blurted and his mum smiled at him.

“Am I not meant to love?” He cried out as He buried his head on his mom’s chest, while the latter patted him gently while thinking of the question her son asked.

She never can explain the mystery behind it.

Her son is quite a flirt, but anyone who he falls in love with, eventually died.
That’s so strange.

Seers, fortellers, clairvoyant soothsayers, priests. What more have they not called to find the mystery.

But all attempts ended futile.

“Mum” the Prince called as his eyes filled with tears.

“Am I not meant to love” he repeated the question in a more teary and painful voice.

The Queen opened her mouth to speak but a loud bang on the palace hate interrupted her.


The people echoed outside the palace gate.

The queen sighed as she quickly let the tears of her eyes poured freely.

“Son, you ought to run away.”

“Run away?” Nikos repeated looking at his mother in a cursory way.

“Yes son, the people of Shui are willing to kill you so you’ve no alternative but to run…”

“Mum what are you saying, how do you expect me to run away, where should I go to, am the heir to this kingdom, who’s gonna take over when am gone.” He asked.

The queen sniffed in tears and used her robe to blow her nose.

“Run to Vaksha. I’ve sent messages to the king of Vaksha, they are willing to accept…..” the queen was about completing her statement when she heard a loud thud outside.

Oh no” she whimpered the words as she realised that the gate has been pulled down by the angry mob.

“Run away.” She yelled to her son who was just inch away from her.

“Guards stop the people.” She ordered as all the guards ran to stop the invading mob.

“Runn!!!!!!” She yelled.

Nikos looked at his mom for a long time.
Then he kissed her on her forehead. With speed he dashed off to the back of the house as He walked to his horse.

“Moo.” He called the horse and the obedient horse who sensed the tension, quickly stood up.

“We’ve to run moo, we ought to go to Vaksha now. The move are out there causing chaos, so you gonna take me and run with your greatest speed.. understood?” He asked the white horse who replied with a …….


Nikos climbed on his horse.

“Moo get ready, 3, 2, 1, Go!” He ordered and with great speed. The horse gaited off.

Everyone shouted in anger as they chased after the Prince and the horse.

What’s the Prince offence?

He fell in love.

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