Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

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It’s A Viper

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I. Usman

Hidden nature of men is nothing but deadly to taste,
Boil the skin of the innocent and look clean outside,
Nature portrays deeper to see to the heart of human,
Little not much as the surprise take the gamblet all.

Neither by magic nor art can I find the perfect kinds,
In all seem entangles in same old stories men tell,
Not devoid from such as the inclination will speaks,
The true definition men seek to ravel.

Therein various of shafts to devour men of values,
Lay down in ventadal of its kinds,
Things to rejoice upon become the bane of our course,
Must we align in same wheel of nature just to cheat?

The best seem to travel to next phase so soon,
Longing to impact no more as the world full of surprise,
Not more of the talk of town spiral to the existing phase,
Bidding in my own will to savage what it has in stock for me.

Find yourself and ready to compete with most dread life,
Life I called wilderness as to some it’s yummy to bore,
Entire circle of men sting with viper of different bite,
Lost in the war as the war is already with us.

Think no more as nature must take it course on us,
Find peace within to obtain the peace with the viper world,
Doing these not only elevate one but turn away from greed,
Cheating nature is of no value as product nature are we.

Looking to be with HE that offers the richness of life mix with viper,
Fight not as need ascertain the wisdom behind such,
Keep me going and explore more as it comes,
Unto you I render the course of men to come.

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