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Sun. Mar 29th, 2020


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To Love I Toast

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In the middle of millions, I saw you in my one in a million
My back was up but yet didn’t have backups to walk towards you
Dangote is rich but can’t buy your beauty even with his billion
In the last breath of my soul, I’ll give everything to you

Years past, I proposed not only to you but to your beauty
For today, let’s eat, drink and make a toast
Even though I had broken legs, I’ll keep walking in your beauty’s duty

I am one man with less fantasy
My friends cut my throat saying I’m not romantic
But your laughs and giggles put my words at the throne of fantasy
I learned to keep my secret words from your beauty’s illuminatic

I know words might not be friendly with you for tonight
All I need is just getting high with your grey eyes
I want us to swim in Atlantic ocean of love tonight
Just make a sound, I’ll understand we are in love’s ice.

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2 min read
2 min read

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