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Dragon Princess Chapter 2

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Dragon princess
Written by TOM
Chapter two

I entered the house feeling exhausted. Charlie was seated on the couch. I guess he was waiting for me.
“Where have you been?” His voice was serious and I hate it whenever he get serious because he may loses his temper. There was a day he’d slapped me for coming home late but I hope he wouldn’t do that.
“Coming from Belle house. I’d a matter to discuss with her”.
” What matter?” Still in same position, arms tucked beneath the armpit. Leg crossed together.
“What matter do you expect me to discuss if not studies”.
” Fine”. He got up. “I made dinner. Mom’s out and Julia’s sleeping. She got a bad cough but she’d taken some drugs”.
“Sure. What about you? Have you eaten?”
“No. I just don’t feel like”.
” Why? Because you’re in first year?”
“I’m just tired”.
” Is it about money again. How much?”
“It’s a project and I need to submit tomorrow. It would cost me about 30 dollars”.
” Oh my! Thirty dollars? That’s too much”
“That’s what I thought so. I can’t afford the money”.
” I’ve an idea. Why don’t we sell my guitar?”
“Let’s just sell it. It should cover up for the money and since I’m no longer interested in music”.
” But dad___”.
“Please don’t about dad. It piss me off”.
“Sorry. By the way, I’d your tyre pumped”
“Wow thanks”. A smile lit my lip. ” I’ll get going ”

Humming to myself, I was cleaning the tennis court when I heard Belle called at me. She walks toward me with our eyes making some contacts.
” What’s up B___”
“I’m so sorry”. She blurted out . I stared at her for a moment.
” You’re kidding right? What do you’ve to be sorry for. For putting me in this mess?”
“Look I___”
“Just shut up and give me a hug”. A smile lit her face and she hug me. “Best friends forever”.
” Sure”.
“What the hell are you two doing!” Mr. Stinlinstik shouted and that makes the two of us jumped. “You two again”. He gave us a dead stare. “Don’t you’ve class? Now run to your class! Run!” We both ran. Still hearing shout run after us.
“That man is crazy”. I said after we reach the hallway.
” He sure is. Are you busy this evening 🌆 ?”
“Why do you ask?”
“I was thinking if we could study together. The exam is coming soon”.
” Oh sure”. I said opening my locker. Then a lot of trash fell out. “Shit”.
” Oh my!” Belle gasped with both her hand to her mouth. 🙊
“I can’t take this anymore”. I storm into the classroom. They were receiving lecture. It was the art teacher.
” Miss. Kent”. She said in her tiny low voice. “You’re late for class”.
” I…… Shit”. I mussed up my hair and the class laugh.
“Shut up”. She said to the class and face me. “And you Kelly, see me in my office for coming late and looking all rough”.
” Yes”. I took my sit and mussed up my hair. I could hear the giggles of the girls. “God. This is hell”. I put my hair down to my locker.

There was chaos everywhere. I was seen in the middle of girls. They were all jeering at me. I was with my lunch on the tray.
” Let me go”.
“Go? You bitch!” A girl slapped me. My hand was on my cheek with my lunch tray on the floor. The girls laugh. Then Maggie stepped in and faced me.
“So you’re the bitch who lay her hand on my prince”. I couldn’t talk. ” Well, well, well, there’s nothing I can do but to make you face the music. You even spread rumour that he’s from a poor family”. Then my eyes met Belle. She was starring at me. I understand that she couldn’t save me. “Deal with her”. Maggie said and stepped out.
” I think we should make some pancake here”. A girl said and before I knew it, a bag of flour was poured above my head. Then the eggs came raining at me. There was laughter’s everywhere. The oil came too. Before I knew it, I was crying. 😭😭😭😭. The laughter’s increase😆😆😆😆😆.
“Stop!” Everyone looked back. It was Harrell with the principal Mr. Dugan. Thank God or else, I would have been set ablaze but that wouldn’t happen except they all want to rot in jail.
“Are you okay Kelly?” The principal asked me but I replied with tears. “What the hell are you girls doing?” No one dare to talk. “God”. He looked at me all over. ” This is a disaster. Harrell take her to the washroom and you”. He faced the girls. “You’ll be punish dearly for this”. Then Harrell held my hand and pull me out.
” You’re a mess”. He look at me all over. “Let’s get you to the washroom”

“Thanks”. I said getting out of the washroom. My uniform was clean.
” I’m sure you can walk yourself to the class. I’ll get going”. He left.
“This guy is so rude”. I frown. ” Well at least he cared”. I smiled ☺. That was where my life with Harrell start.


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