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SERA:His Personal Maid Episode 1

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Eden Garcia

Setting hilippines
Genre op
Writer :Authoress Athena
Type of story : Fiction

boring life

Episode 1

Clara put her finger into her nose…she turn round the table and back the people eating in the small restaurant.

She stick her finger out and stare at it…aww.

She receive a hit from the back.

“Ouch….” She yell and turn.

“Dirty girl…do want to stop the customers from eating ” Elizabeth ( Clara madam ) shouted at Clara as she frown her face.

“That’s why I turn around ”

“One plate of soup please ” a guy ordered from the front .

“Go get out from here ” Elizabeth shouted.

She serve the food….,locate the guy and place the soup on the table.

She looks at him with a silly snare.

He looks bored, handsome , tall and sad.

“Hi…can you excuse me for some mins ?” The guy said.

She express a happy face and sit in a chair opposite him.

” so…hmmm..ok soo”

She looked at him with deep seriousness.

“You see, it’s about a girl ( he waits and look at her ).

“Yeah ” Sera said smiling.

“You know when ….you..hmm…you crush on a girl ” he said ( he looked at her again ..she’s really smiling ) I really love this girl”.

“She’s kind..socialize….she’s just great ☺”
“Go on ”

“I have this strong feelings for ….but I don’t know how to tell her ”

He look at her.

“Wtf she’s drooling….hey ”

He tried to get her attention by waving his hand over her face but she’s just smiling.

She receives a hard hit on her head.

“Ahhhhhhhh what!!! ”

“Stupid girl…. go wash the plates ” Elizabeth shouted at her .

The guy stretch his hand over his face describing…..something over his mouth to her .

She touch’s her jaw her saliva…

He laughed and walk out

“Do you have to hit me like that all the time ” she yelled with a big frown.

“I will continue to hit you with your ugly face “Elizabeth shouted and hit her again.

” ….what!! Am not that ugly ”

All the customers turned and look at them.

Elizabeth started fanning her self.

Sera hide her face immediately with a tray in her hand.

fast forward


Sera’s POV

Wow……this school is good…..everybody really look rich.

I walk slowly looking round the school with wonders.

I walk backward and hit someone.

“Oh sorry am very sorry ”

“Yawwk …..”

” what an ugly girl…..” The mocked her and walk away laughing at her.

God this school is gonna be hell for me…..Just the first day.

i need to know my class before any other thing.

I walk around the school like a thief…I stole glances at some classes.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder..,I turn and behold it was a pretty damsel.

She was smiling at me..what? does she mistake me for someone else?.

I gave her a who look.

I point my self ” me ”

“Yes ” she answered…what a sweet voice.

“Ohh haha hi ” I blushed, that was foolish of me.

“Hello….I…I was wondering, are you a new student ?”.

“Yeah yes I am..”

” wow then we are one ” she said and she plugged her arm around mine.

“Oh so you are new….”

“Yeah….you look kind of tattered, what’s with your hair ” she said touching my hair.

” sorry….I just like keeping it like that…” I said….as I bite my bottom lip.

We attend class together and She’s really nice…

After class we came out for the little break .

Just then she needed a privacy….

“Excuse me please ” she excused her self for a phone call.

I stood with my two hands on my bag.

The lace of my snickers has lose…..I view every where to find a comfortable to sit.

I locate a corridor and sit down tying the lace.

“Hi ”

I heard and raised my head.

It was the guy at the restaurant….what is he doing here?.

“Hi ”

He sit close to me.

“I guess you are a new student?”

“Yes ” I answered .

“I see….so you didnt tell me your name ”

“Oh it’s Sera “I said stretching out for a hand shack.

” nice name, am chad ” he said.

“OK chad ”

“Yeah ”

“So chad what are you doing here ” I asked..still tying my lace.

“Its my school girl..”

‘ wow thats nice …”

“So chads are you rich ?”

“Kinda….maybe ”

“Yeah….wait thats the girl coming ” he said as he point to my new friend .

“The girl..wh( before I could complete my statement he walk off ).

“Chads……” I yelled but he didn’t turn round.

“Hi ” she walk up to me.

” it’s Sera..”

“Ok nice am Morgan ”

“Do you know chads ” I asked her.

“Chads…who is chads ” I know she’s lying.

School close for that day…….I don’t really know when I will have a sounding life.

Boring life but I still try to cheer up all the way.

Cheer up guys the story haven’t began

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