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My Taste, My Love Episode 1

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πŸ‘ŒπŸ’— My Taste, My Love πŸ’—πŸ‘Œ

πŸ‘­ A story of a twin πŸ‘­

Episode 1


🍁Rosella’s POV🍁

I woke up lazily and stretched while yawning away the pain I got from my eight hours sleep. I wasn’t surprised at all seeing my lazy sister still in bed, I always spare her but not today. I took the glass of water beside my bed and went close to her after which I spilled it on her cute lazy face, she jerked up Immediately

“What was that for?” She yelled angrily

” To get your damn ass of your fucking bed” I said sarcastically

” May God punish you ” she cursed

” But don’t blame me after noticing you have five minutes more to freshen up before you go and meet mom huh, you know the consequences of getting there late” I reminded her

” Oh shit! I overslept, I have to get there before those guests she was talking about gets there” she said standing up to head towards the bathroom

” Four minutes more” I said showing her four of my fingers

She immediately rushed into the bathroom and came out after two minutes

” Hey!! Did you really get your bath or you just washed your pubic parts” I asked mockingly

“Shut up! “She said and focused on dressing up

“Don’t blame me if the guests can’t breathe well after they get close to you” I said going inside the bathroom

“It’s better than mom scolding me!” I heard her yell

I did whatever I had to do and came back to dress up , she already left. I don’t know why I like troubling her. We are twenty years old but we still live in one room , not that we can’t get our separate rooms but because we can’t leave apart.

I went downstairs to have breakfast after which I decided to watch television.

🌷Roselle’s POV 🌷

I went to the venue mom gave me and luckily for me I wasn’t late, which means Rosella tricked me. I met mom sitting alone at a table and I joined her.

” Hello my sweetheart” she called smiling

That’s what she calls us but doesn’t treat us as that

” Hello mom” I replied

” Mom what’s up?” I asked

” Just have patience, it’s a surprise” she answered still smiling

Just then Dad came in which two men one old one young, they all sat around the table and the waiter brought foods and drinks. We all started eating and Dad broke the silence.

” It’s been a long time we’ve been friends Samson but after some months our friendship will be more tight” Dad started

“Yes Derek” The man who is older said

“Roselle” Dad called out

“Yes dad” I replied lifting my head up

“This is Mr Samson Houston and his son Raphael Houston” Dad introduced

I stretched my hands for a handshake as they accepted it politely

” Mr Samson, this is my daughter Roselle, the one I was talking to you about” He added

“She’s more beautiful than how you explained her to be” Mr Houston complemented

” Florence I leave the rest to you” Dad said to Mom

” Roselle, Raphael here is a very good gentleman. We thought about it and your Dad and I have decided to get you married of to him” she blurted out

I suddenly choked on the food I was swallowing and I suffered for breath

” What’s wrong Roselle ” mom asked as she gave me water which I gulped down and became free.

“Mom, I know you and dad knows what’s good for me but don’t you think I’m not ready for this” I asked against the idea

” Sweetheart, you are absolutely ready for everything. Twenty years is enough for you to have your own family” mom assured

” Yes Roselle , you don’t have to waste anymore time” Dad added

I was surprised because Raphael didn’t raise up his head throughout the conversation and I guessed he is also being forced into this. I had no choice than to accept it. We concluded everything and mom suggested Raphael and I speak alone, I hated the idea but who I’m I to object it. They all left leaving Raphael and I only , there was silence for sometime before I summoned the courage to say something.

“Hi ” I simply said

“Hello” he replied calmly

” I can see you are not happy with this alliance”I said

He now raised his head and I noticed him well. He wasn’t bad but I wasn’t pleased.

” Yes but my Dad said I don’t have a choice” He replied

” I guess we are in the process same situation” I said tucking my hair behind my ear

” Really?” He asked surprisingly

” Are you surprised?” I asked looking at him

” Yeah you know girls always wanted to be with me , you are actually the first girl I’ve met not drooling over me” he said proudly

I wondered why girls drool over him because I couldn’t find anything interesting about him.

” I’m surprised, I don’t mean you are not handsome but… I… You never mind” I replied

We had other boring chats until we both gave up and went to our separate homes.

I opened the door to our room and I saw Rosella reading a novel, I slumped on my bed and gave a loud yawn trying to gain her attention which I succeeded

“So what was it all about?” She asked still lost in the book

” Marriage” I blurted out

“Huh!” She exclaimed throwing the book on her bed

” I can’t believe it” she added

” Then believe it now” I said folding my arms

” Hahaha you are going to be a wife soon” she said mockingly

” Rosella this is not a joke” I cried

” You mean, you will now have to wake up early, prepare breakfast for your husband and Oh No you will have Kids” She continued mocking

” Stop it Rosella” I warned

” Oh you will soon leave this room for me, who will I talk to and prank,…… hahahaha” she continued

” Don’t worry because you are next to here the same shocking news I heard” I said lying on my bed

” Never” She said followed by a call immediately, she pick the call

πŸ“² Hello

πŸ“² Yes I’m fine

πŸ“² Okay mom, I’ll be there

πŸ“² Bye

” I told you” I mocked

” Don’t worry I’ll bring you the good news of my freedom” She said and headed outside

I then closed my eyes to let sleep take me.

πŸ§₯ Rosella’s POV πŸ§₯

I went to the venue mom invited me to and I was surprised at the strangers I met with them, I dropped my mouth in shock after recognizing one of the guests.

To be continued…

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