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Karen’s Diary Chapter 1

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by Lilly Chloe(Lindsay)😍

Chapter 1

“Miss Karen I’m sorry to say this but your service is no longer wanted here , I don’t know what you did wrongly but I’m doing as per instructed by my boss ,” Mr Madison, our inspector said.

These words pierced through my heart like a sharp knife, tears poured down my pale cheeks because I couldn’t believe it. How can my job end like this ? Where am I going to get the money to take care of my sick sister?

Karen is my name born and bred in Los Angeles . I’m sixteen years old and I live with my only sister Kate who’s ten years old. My mom passed away last year and I don’t know who my father is or how he look like because I never saw any of his pictures.

Whenever I asked about him then my mom would brush it off but she only told me that he’s rich but can’t take care of us due to his own reasons. I hate that man with passion because he can’t let us live this poor life while he’s living a luxurious life wherever he is.

I’ve been working as a shop assistant and the little that I got from this job helped me a lot. I found this job after a long struggle, only for me to get fired without notice.

I’ve been managing those little cents to pay fees for Kate and her medication.


Karen was left with Kate when their mom went to work , she worked as a nanny at a nearby town. Kate was playing with fire crackers and Karen wasn’t paying attention, she went to buy bread leaving her little sister alone. Kate lit the matchstick and throw it at a small couch then ran happily to their only bedroom.

The started setting fire to the couch and the whole house was filled with smoke while Kate was still in the bedroom.

Karen’s mom left her bus fare so she had to go back home to take it and that’s when she saw her house on fire . There was no one to help them because they lived at the outskates and the place was isolated .She looked around in tears and saw only her poor baby Karen and heard little cries inside. She couldn’t bear leaving her daughter in that room so she ran into the burning house and saw lifeless Kate inside but luckily, the fire haven’t reached where she was .

She carried her and through her out of the window but she could came out because the roof trusses fell on top of her.

End of flashback

That was how my mom died and Kate got live cirrhosis due to too much smoke that she had inhaled. This was all my fault for being careless and now I’m facing the consequences.

To be continued

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