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Below is the group stage fixture for the 2020 qualifying teams across Europe.

GROUP A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales
GROUP B: Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland
GROUP C: Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, Play-off Winner D
(Georgia, Belarus, North Macedonia or Kosovo)
GROUP D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Play-off Winner C
(Norway, Serbia, Scotland or Israel)
GROUP E: Spain, Poland, Sweden, Play-off Winner B (Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Slovakia or Republic of Ireland)
GROUP F: Germany, France, Portugal, Play-off Winner A (Bulgaria,
Hungary, Iceland or Romania)

Fri, June 12th
GAME 1: Group A – Turkey v Italy, 8pm, Rome
Sat, June 13th
GAME 2: Group A – Wales v Switzerland, Baku
GAME 3: Group B – Denmark v Finland, Copenhagen
GAME 4: Group B – Belgium v Russia, St Petersburg
Sun, June 14th
GAME 5: Group C – Holland v Ukraine, Amsterdam
GAME 6: Group C – Austria v Play-Off winner, Bucharest
GAME 7: Group D – England v Croatia, London
Mon, June 15th
GAME 8: Group D – Play-Off winner v Czech Republic,
GAME 9: Group E – Spain v Sweden, Bilbao
GAME 10: Group E – Poland v Play-Off winner, Dublin
Tues, June 16th
GAME 11: Group F – Play-Off winner v Portugal, Budapest
GAME 12: Group F – France v Germany, Munich
Wed, June 17th
GAME 13: Group A – Turkey v Wales, Baku
GAME 14: Group A – Italy v Switzerland, Rome
GAME 15: Group B – Finland v Russia, St Petersburg
Thurs, June 18th
GAME 16: Group B – Denmark v Belgium, Copenhagen
GAME 17: Group C – Holland v Austria, Amsterdam
GAME 18: Group C – Ukraine v Play-Off winner, Bucharest
Fri, June 19th
GAME 19: Group D – Croatia v Czech Republic, Glasgow
GAME 20: Group D – England v Play-Off winner, London
GAME 21: Group E – Sweden v Play-Off winner, Dublin
Sat, June 20
GAME 22: Group E – Spain v Poland, Bilbao
GAME 23: Group F – Play-Off winner v France, Budapest
GAME 24: Group F – Portugal v Germany, Munich
Sun, June 21st
GAME 25: Group A – Switzerland v Turkey, Baku
GAME 26: Group A – Italy v Wales, Rome
Mon, June 22nd
GAME 27: Group B – Russia v Denmark, Copenhagen
GAME 28: Group B – Finland v Belgium, St Petersburg
GAME 29: Group C – Play-Off winner v Holland, Amsterdam
GAME 30: Group C – Ukraine v Austria, Bucharest
Tues, June 23rd
GAME 31: Group D – Croatia v Play-Off winner, Glasgow
GAME 32: Group D – Czech Republic v England, London
Wed, June 24th
GAME 33: Group E – Play-Off winner v Spain, Bilbao
GAME 34: Group E – Sweden v Poland, Dublin
GAME 35: Group F – Portugal v France, Budapest
GAME 36: Group F – Germany v Play-Off winner, Munich
Round of 16th
Saturday, June 27th
GAME 37: Winner Group A v Runner-up Group C, London
GAME 38: Runner-up Group A v Runner-up Group B, Amsterdam
Sunday, June 28th
GAME 39: Winner Group B v Third Place Group A/D/E/F,
GAME 40: Winner Group C v Third Place Group D/E/F, Munich
Mon, June 29th
GAME 41: Winner Group F v Third Place A/B/C, Bucharest
GAME 42: Runner-up Group D v Runner-up Group E,
Tues, June 30th
GAME 43: Winner Group E v Third Place A/B/C/D, Glasgow
GAME 44: Winner Group D v Runner-up Group F, Dublin
Friday, July 3rd
GAME 45: Winner Game 41 v Winner Game 42, 5pm, St
GAME 46: Winner Game 39 v Winner Game 37, 8pm, Munich
Saturday, July 4
GAME 47: Winner Game 40 v Winner Game 38, 5pm, Baku
GAME 48: Winner Game 43 v Winner Game 44, 8pm, Rome
Tues, July 7th
GAME 49: Winner Game 45 v Winner Game 46, 8pm, London
Wednesday, July 8
GAME 50: Winner Game 48 v Winner Game 47, 8pm, London
Sunday, July 12th
GAME 51: Winner Game 49 v Winner Game 50, 8pm, London
Please check next article for the confirmation of the playoffs schedule.

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